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Who We Are - The Impact Society | Empowering The Millennials of Today!

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The Miramar Apartments,
Suite 279, Level 3,
398 Pitt St,
Haymarket NSW 2000

Who We Are

Creating An Impact, One Person At The Time…

We specialise in event marketing and promotions with customised marketing campaigns representing our clients. Our professional sales and marketing teams, deliver an exciting and personalised customer experience. A person-to-person marketing approach creates enthusiastic customers which strengthens brand awareness and loyalty. This inturn gives a greater return on investment for our clients.

Adaptability Is What We Do Best!

The marketplace is constantly changing with shifts in consumer trends and innovations in product development. We found we must stay progressive as well. We are constantly innovating new methods and techniques for reaching out to our customer base and promoting brand awareness.


Our marketing system for success and accountability was developed through an intelligent and scientific approach to ensure results. We embrace changing market trends and incorporate analysis and adaptation steps into our marketing strategies. We know things change, so we do too when it’s called for.

Learn how we can help your brand impact the marketplace