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Values - The Impact Society | Empowering The Millennials of Today!

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The Miramar Apartments,
Suite 279, Level 3,
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Haymarket NSW 2000


Making An Impact

The culture at The Impact Society is one of growth, support and ambition. We have an inclusive working environment that rewards and celebrates hard work and recognises individual achievements. Have Fun, Make Money, Develop Yourself, and Make an Impact are the company’s core values.

Have Fun


Working in an environment that is both fun and productive makes work more enjoyable. When work doesn’t feel like work, we know we are doing things right. It is our goal to foster an environment where our team can make the most of it.

Make Money


We believe that we should always have a measurable way to track our growth, the easiest way to know if what we do is working, it will be based around our earnings. Our team should be paid for what they do and how hard they work, we know that!

Develop Yourself


Our team can rely on our ability to provide them with venues and ways to developing themselves. From online training and personalised courses, to one-on-one coaching and mentoring from industry experts and consultants.

Make An Impact


By changing a person’s life and impact it positively, we aim to become the most impact-aware company in Australia. Whether it is dealing with customers, to coaching and training someone, we can change a person’s perspective for the best!


We believe that a company is only as good as the people they work with, which is why teamwork makes up the structure of our business model.


The supportive team environment creates a learning atmosphere that encourages individuals to share their achievements; this communication goes a long way to generate a confident and happy working environment.


Weekly team nights and breakfast meetings are one of the few ways we create a cohesive group and provide opportunities for networking to help with professional and personal development. Team nights include 5-a side football, golf and any other activity that brings out the competitive streak in our people!